Better Men’s Health

Enhance your current lifestyle and nutrition practices for better health.


Better Health For Men

Now there is a way to work with the leading authority in Integrative Men’s Health, Dr. Myles Spar, and experience his approach to optimizing performance in a more accessible way. The Better Men’s Health™, powered by The Better Nutrition Program with Ashley Koff RD and Dr. Spar, is an interactive program to help guys identify and implement better nutrition and lifestyle practices so they can achieve their health goals.

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Better Health

A Program Just For You

In this program designed specifically for men, Ashley Koff RD is joined by Integrative Men’s Health expert Dr. Myles Spar to teach you about enhancing your current lifestyle and nutrition practices (wherever your starting point) for better health. Health is much more than what you eat and how you move your body, it includes good sleep hygeine, proper breathing, meaningful relationships, and stress management. In this interactive program you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge from 40 years of combined experience and research, engage with trackers, and learn tips and tricks for hacking your way to better health.

What's Included:

  • Two one-on-one sessions with your coach & unlimited messaging during the program
  • Bi-weekly group sessions with award-winning nutrition expert Ashley Koff RD + other experts
  • Deliciously doable recipes & meals ideas
  • Tips & Tricks to identify better nutrition and lifestyle choices
  • VIP Online support community

What You Need

  • A smart phone, tablet, or computer
  • A desire to improve your nutrition, learn about other healthy lifestyle habits and a 5-week commitment

Client Experience

Improving Our Overall Health

The BNP was a program that I honestly wasn’t sure would help me at first. Since the pandemic began and my daily movement came to a screeching stop working from home, I really didn’t even know where to begin to ponder a action plan. After starting the BNP, immediately I was challenged to look at my sugar intake by examining my pantry (eye opener to say the least), examine my quality of sleep, daily water intake (I was not drinking nearly enough), my eating triggers (I stress eat… alot!), and ways to handle my stress. My coach was open ears and gave really great suggestions on how to make the small improvements that over time will make a great impact in my quality of life. This program is not just about helping our outer appearances, but more about improving our overall Health…. And that is really what life is all about!
Dave J, BNP Mens Health Program Participant

How is this program different than all the others?

We invite you to drown out all the noise out there and learn from leading experts in their fields.  Our personalized approach will help you start right where you are and guide you toward a future for better health.

Select the “Better Men’s Health™” BNP Program on the checkout page.


Health Tips on The Go

This 5-week evidence-based and practitioner-proven program is packed with informative videos, tips/techniques and trackers to engage you as you learn more about better nutrition and lifestyle choices through an app on your phone. You will meet virtually with a personal coach twice throughout the program, to help you personalize the recommendations for you and your lifestyle (plus, you can message them any time!).

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Performance Optimization

While experimenting with different techniques towards performance optimization, a coach you will help you identify the best practices for you. Allowing you to focus on the specific areas that are important to you.


Improve Multiple Aspects of Health


With so much misinformation and controversy out there, this is a critical topic to take a closer look at. Your dietary decisions affect everything about your health from your weight to your energy, appearance, disease risk, and even sexual function.


This impact factor of health is a force multiplier that can help you in virtually every area of your well-being. Finding the most efficient and effective training program can save you countless hours of spinning your wheels with little to show for it.


Clearly identifying a sense of purpose is one of the 9 shared traits of the world’s Blue Zones – places where communities have the longest, healthiest lifespans. Studies show it can add up to 7 years to your life and make it much more likely that you’ll accomplish your goals.


Sleep is an essential process needed by your body and mind for recovery, memory processing, and learning. Getting consistent, high-quality sleep can help to improve every area of your health.

Social Connection

Men struggle with maintaining their social connections as they get older, posing serious consequences for both their physical and mental health. Stop letting a busy lifestyle or lengthening to-do list keep you from staying in touch with your buddies or reconnecting with old friends.


Stress is something we all deal with on a daily basis, but far too many of us put off developing an effective stress management practice until they are exhausted, burned out, and suffering serious health consequences. Small behavior changes for as little as ten minutes/day can have a huge impact, both emotionally and physiologically.

Meet Myles Spar


Dr. Spar is board-certified in Internal Medicine, having graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School. He completed fellowships in Health Services Research at UCLA (where he earned a master’s in public health) and in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Spar is committed to making whole-person preventive-oriented care available to more people through his work at the Venice Family Clinic, where he started the most extensive Integrative Medicine program of its kind at a community health center. For his work with the underserved, he was awarded the Bravewell Award for Leadership, the highest honor in his field.

He now focuses on leading a national medical practice and providing individual consultations on performance optimization through maximizing the health of your body and mind. He is also on the faculty of multiple academic fellowships, including the University of Arizona, and is chair of the American Board of Integrative Medicine.

Get Started!

If you want to experience Dr. Spar’s approach to personalized performance optimization, with support from a leading nutrition expert and your own health coach, then this is the perfect place to start.