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3 Essential Tests to Optimize Men’s Physical Health featuring Dr Myles Spar

In this podcast Dr. Spar explains how to live in alignment as a Great Man – and understand who you are at your fullest potential – you have to be fully engaged in optimizing your foundation, your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

Bringing Men’s Health Issues into Integrative Medicine Programs with Dr. Myles Spar

In this podcast Dr. Spar explains how earlier experiences led him to question the messaging men receive to not seek help. In addition, he tells listeners about health considerations and centers this discussion on hormones. He also explains that testosterone is the main one listeners may be familiar with but adds that there are many more male hormones to consider like DHEA and estradiol.

What the F*** is the MTHFR gene? Myles Spar, MD on the MTHFR gene and the complex workings of gene expression

In this episode, we answer questions on integrative health, longevity, and the philosophical aspects on modern medicine. Dr. Spar applies his knowledge to help us understand what it means to be goal-oriented, actionable, and personalized in our diet, exercise, and overall wellness. We also learn about how lifestyle, diet, and supplementation can change the way genes express themselves. You’ll also learn about the MTHFR gene and the way genes express themselves based on different factors within our lifestyle.

Men’s Health with Dr. Myles Spar

The Rational Wellness Podcast: Dr. Spar discusses hormones and advanced testing among many other topics germane to men’s health in this podcast with sports and functional medicine expert, Dr. Ben Weitz.

Men – Boost Sex Drive Naturally

Boost your sex drive with a few simple and natural tips.

Optimal Men’s Health: How to Talk to Men About Health

Men live shorter and are, in general, less healthy than women. Dr. Myles Spar tells us how to achieve optimal men’s health, why men are not proactive when it comes to health and how to challenge men in your life to start implementing healthy habits.


Although I’ve lived in the States for 10 years, I’ve only recently developed a relationship with a primary care physician, namely Dr Myles Spar. I can’t say enough in praise of Dr Spar. He has gone beyond any expectation I may have had to be available for me to get to the bottom of my ailment. He has been immensely caring and generous and I’m truly humbled to have him as my doctor.


As a healthcare professional myself, I have been incredibly impressed with the quality of care I have received from Dr. Spar. Dr. Spar is one of the most knowledgeable physicians I have met and I have referred a number of people to his practice. Additionally, he is extremely easy to talk to and has a genuine concern for his patients. I would give Dr. Spar my highest recommendation for any health concern as well as for preventative medicine and nutrition.


As a physician, I appreciate Dr. Spar’s holistic approach, experience and knowledge. I have already recommended him to many friends and colleagues, emphasizing the benefit of a doctor who can help them feel their best while preventing problems down the road. The interplay of complementary medical practices and evidence-based medicine allows is especially appealing to me, both as a patient and a health care provider. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Spar


Excellence in every form. He is the best doctor I have had in my life. You will be well taken care of, assuredly.