September 23 – 29, 2019

Online, Worldwide

Sexual Vitality Summit

Dr. Spar has been invited to speak at this year’s Sexual Vitality Summit to discuss 6 biomarkers of sexual potency. Register for free online access at the following link to learn from him and over a dozen healthcare experts in the field across a range of important sexual health issues as well as the latest treatments.

October 1 – 4, 2019

Taipei, Taiwan

Metagenics in Taiwan

Dr. Spar is headed to the 12th Metagenics Conference in Taipei, Taiwan this fall to present on Men’s Health and Optimal Brain Aging. He will discuss best practices for how and why to do Men’s Health, a personalized approach to sexual health, as well as a genetic and functional approach to the brain.

Day 1:

Men’s Health Part 1: How and Why to do Men’s Health

Men’s Health Part 2: A personalized lifestyle approach to Men’s Sexual Health: From genetics to Testosterone

Day 2:

Optimal Brain Aging: A genetic and functional approach to the brain

February 20 – 22, 2020

New York City, NY

Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Dr. Spar has had the great honor of being invited to give a talk at the prestigious Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York City. He will be among several thought leaders in Integrative Medicine to present. If you’re in the area during February 2020, it’s a great opportunity to learn from the top experts in the field!

Past Events

March 22 – 24, 2019

Santa Cruz, CA

Optimal Health Within Reach

Spend a weekend with Dr. Spar, MD and renowned integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil and learn how to take control of your health before you get sick!

Side by side with Dr. Weil and his expert staff, learn about the latest advances in science, nutrition, sleep, and mind-body medicine that will show you simple and proven ways to care for your body and mind as you age.