Better Men’s Health™

Now there is a way to work with the leading authority in Integrative Men’s Health, Dr. Myles Spar, and experience his approach to optimizing performance in a more accessible way. The Better Men’s Health™, powered by The Better Nutrition Program with Ashley Koff RD and Dr. Spar, is an interactive program to help guys identify and implement better nutrition and lifestyle practices so they can achieve their health goals.


Optimal Men’s Health

Easy-to-read guide that takes men through all aspects of health including lifestyle, diet, exercise, meditation, western medications and treatments, alternative and complementary therapies, eastern medicine, yoga, acupuncture, etc.

Provides reader with key takeaways, checklists and action plans, questions to ask your healthcare professional, patient stories, and lists of resources on each topic covered.

Focused on health as a tool to achieve one’s goals, not on wellness or health as a goal itself.

Nutrition & Supplements

Dr. Spar’s Men’s Essential Supplement Bundle

Curated from the high-quality supplements at Metagenics and based on his guide to the Top Supplements for Men, Dr. Spar has made it easy for you to order all you need for optimal health. Click the button for a 2 month supply.


Dr. Spar’s Tool Kits

 Over the last 25 years, I’ve helped guide thousands of patients in achieving their goals – in health and beyond. I hear many of the same questions again and again so I’ve decided to write down my best advice across a range of important health topics, including Purpose, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, and Social Connection. Each in-depth, science-based tool kit contains a PDF, quick-start video, and worksheet to incorporate the strategies that most effectively help you clarify your goals, develop healthy lifestyle habits, and achieve a balanced, productive environment for leading a fulfilling life in all the ways that matter to you.