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If you are interested in a consultation with Dr Spar to build your plan for a greater you, complete the application form for an appointment by clicking the button below:

Custom Plans

Dr. Spar works with you to let you know the next best steps to achieve your goals, providing you with your own customized performance and health optimization plan.

Health Coaching

Most people could use a little help implementing the plan, so consultations come with free access to Dr. Spar’s amazing health coaches, who help track your progress and hold you accountable.

Guaranteed Results

Dr. Spar will always be happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns you have about your progress.

Learn How To Create a Better You – What is your Next Best Step?

Everyone needs a plan. Dr. Spar has been creating plans for optimal performance and health for men for over 10 years, including for celebrities and professional athletes, to help them achieve their goals. He starts with identifying with you the primary purpose you have in being in the best shape possible and then providing you with a comprehensive personalized plan to dial in your health.

How to Get Started

Dr. Spar is available for in-person consultations in New York City at The Well. For availability click on the button below to book your appointment. For Tele-health consultations, click the Submit a Request button below to complete the online registration form.

Meet with Dr. Spar at THE WELL New York, a one-stop-shop for wellness. The 13,000 square-foot wellness oasis in the heart of New York City brings together modern medicine and ancient healing practices that focus on whole-person health. Before or after your 60-minute session with Dr. Spar, enjoy complimentary access to luxury amenities like the state-of-the-art Steam Room, Dry Sauna and so much more. Book an appointment with Dr. Spar at THE WELL New York today.

“You know what you’d like to achieve; together we can get you there.”

Meet Myles Spar


Dr. Spar is board-certified in Internal Medicine, having graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School. He completed fellowships in Health Services Research at UCLA (where he earned a master’s in public health) and in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Spar is committed to making whole-person preventive-oriented care available to more people through his work at the Venice Family Clinic, where he started the most extensive Integrative Medicine program of its kind at a community health center. For his work with the underserved, he was awarded the Bravewell Award for Leadership, the highest honor in his field.

He now focuses on leading a national medical practice as National Director and V.P. of Medical Services for AndHealth, a digital health company utilizing lifestyle medicine approaches to reverse chronic illness, and providing individual consultations on performance optimization through maximizing the health of your body and mind. He is also on the faculty of multiple academic fellowships, including the University of Arizona, and is chair of the American Board of Integrative Medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What happens during the visits with Dr. Spar?

Generally, the first and initial follow-up visits are 1-hour each. During the first visit, Dr. Spar will discuss your goals, health history, concerns, and current state. You will discuss what tests are indicated and why. During the next visit, you review all of the test results and he presents you with the plan he has developed for you to achieve your goals. Generally, the health coach will join for that visit. You will have free access to the health coach for three months for basic coaching. They will also help to answer questions, implement the plan you have discussed with Dr. Spar, and generally hold you accountable. They can work with you to track whatever metrics make sense for you.

How frequently do I see Dr. Spar?

Follow-up visits with Dr. Spar are generally booked at 3 month intervals and last 30 minutes. As long as you see him at least once every 3 months, you may continue to work with the health coach for no additional charge.

You may decide to purchase a special exercise or nutrition program from the coach, but that is an extra charge.

You do not have to see Dr Spar every 3-months, but free access to the coach ends after 3-months if there has not been a follow-up appointment. If you feel it is worthwhile to continue working with the health coach, you can sign on for a plan with her without seeing Dr. Spar until that is needed.

Does it cost extra for lab work?

Biomarkers are important to see what you need to focus on and what exactly your customized plan needs to include. Lab costs are separate and vary depending on what your goals are and which tests are indicated. Costs can range from $500-$1500, but some of this could be billable to insurance, depending on your policy.

If I have already had lab work, may I have Dr. Spar review that?

Of course. There is a way to easily upload your past x-ray or radiology reports onto your patient portal for him to review prior to your visit.

Can Dr. Spar be my primary care doctor?

Dr. Spar is only available for consultations to help you with a plan for optimizing your health and performance. He is not available outside of very specific hours, so he cannot see you for routine health care, primary care or urgent health issues. He strongly recommends you have your own primary care provider for such needs.

Can I use HSA/FSA funds for the consultations?

Yes – all of fees paid to Dr. Spar should be eligible for FSA reimbursement. He can accept HSA and FSA cards.

Can I see Dr. Spar in person?

Dr. Spar is available for in-person consultations in his New York City office located in Manhattan.

Will my health insurance cover the visit?

Dr. Spar is out-of-network, so you will pay upfront for your consultations with him. You will be provided with a superbill showing that you had a typical doctor’s appointment that you may submit for reimbursement from your insurance provider. Reimbursement depends on your own policy and the allowances it offers for out-of-network care.

Does it matter where I live in order to have a telehealth visit?

Dr. Spar is able to provide telehealth consultations only to patients living in New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Florida and South Carolina. He may expand to other states later.

If you are interested in a consultation with Dr Spar to build your plan for a greater you,
click the button below to get started.