THE BNP Programs™

In addition to Better Men’s Health Program that Dr. Spar co-created, the BNP offers various other programs.

Discover & Make Your Better Choices

The BNP Programs™ show you what your body needs to run better. Work with a coach and leading personalized nutrition experts like Ashley Koff RD to make those choices more often for better health results! Pick your program below:

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Water Challenge

Hydro, let’s go! Learn how to optimize your personal water intake and support your body in feeling better – inside and out.

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Rainbow Challenge

Ready to eat the rainbow? This easy, healthy, and deliciously doable challenge will give your body what it needs to run better and thrive!

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Sweet Taste Bud Reset

Let’s sweeten the deal! Reset your taste buds and curb those sweet cravings in just 14 days with this proven method.

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Optimizing Omega 3s

The better-for-you omegas! Learn how good-for-you-fats help your body better absorb nutrients and promote a healthy inflammatory response.

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Magnesium & Calcium Optimizer

A balancing act! Harmonize and improve the body’s contraction vs. relaxation functioning by better balancing your magnesium and calcium intake.

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Digestive Tune Up

Ready…set…digest! This evidence-based program will help you improve pesky digestive symptoms, boost your immune health, improve energy, and more.

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Total Neuropathy Solution

Goodbye, neuropathy! Heal symptoms of neuropathy and improve balance, strength, and sensitivity to touch with this comprehensive 12-week program.

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The BNP Continuous Glucose Monitor Program

Brace for impact! Experience the Better benefits of blood sugar regulation with this interactive, game-changing program.

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Better Plant-Based Nutrition

Plants have never tasted better! Immerse yourself in this better-for-you-plant-based nutrition program and learn how your body can thrive with plants.

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Better Nutrition Basics

Back to the basics! Learn how simple better-for-you nutrition choices can have your body running better with energy to spare.

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Better Men’s Health

The better path to better health! Embrace the expert techniques of this interactive program designed for men to experience the benefits of optimized health. Featuring Dr. Myles Spar.

Cancer Risk Reduction

Combat cancer! Get to know the foods, lifestyle practices and daily choices that will give your body the best defense against cancer. Coming Soon!

Microbiome Optimizer, BNP program. Image of Microbiomes in a stomach

Microbiome Optimizer

Optimize your microbiome with education, experiments and personal evaluations with the support of your coach. Pairs well with practitioner lab & supplement recommendations.

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Microbiome Optimizer, BNP program. Image of Microbiomes in a stomach

BNP Coaching

Are you overwhelmed by all your practitioner’s recommendations? Or eager to continue the progress you’ve recently made? You’re in the right place.

Microbiome Optimizer, BNP program. Image of Microbiomes in a stomach

B Vitamin Optimizer™

Perhaps you know how important B vitamins are for your health, impacting energy, fertility, heart health, and brain function. But did you know that not all B vitamins are created equal?